“Tame the lion within, and Experience a new way of living.”


Hello, my name is Tamer! Director of my brand and company I call Tame Life. Thanks for visiting my site! Let us get started on your trails to Tame Your Life!



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Inception story

For the past 7 years, I have been dreaming my brand called Tame Life into being. Now as the director of my company, Tame Life is my vessel for serving and adding value to my communities. We focus on building community and sharing AntiGravity Fitness teacher training and aerial yoga certificate courses, wellness events and workshops, online and private coaching, unique retreat experiences, and business to business program and development. I am grateful to be able to add value to the fitness, and wellness space because I believe that Health is Wealth, and if we can give this gift to somebody, it can be life transformative.

As a student of quantum physics and the power of our mind, I believe it is our duty to seek a path of discovery and self-balance between our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. I believe that our thoughts create our reality. Learning how to Tame Your Mind is one of our core principles.

Nature and our connection to the earth, plus the daily remembrance of our existence within the universe is how I remember my north star. Both our outer and inner work is required in order to experience real healing and inner peace. This self-awareness gives us the power to seek that which makes our sing loudest – with as much love, enthusiasm, positive energy, and passion as possible!



My history with AntiGravity®

From a young age, I have been inspired by my uncle Christopher Harrison. We alongside our team in NYC are working together to build a legacy around the company he created called AntiGravity®. It is a true honor and privilege for me to share his tools and techniques as a platform to serve others towards greater well-being.

To this day, I am honored to be amongst an incredible team of experts and professionals within the international AntiGravity® Fitness communities. As a Master Trainer in the technique since 2012, and instructor since 2009 I still to this day am grateful to share, teach, and inspire people all over the world with the Harrison AntiGravity® Hammock.

Life and Transformational Coaching

Life and Transformational Coaching was something that came to me with absolute purpose. Having had the privilege to work with wonderful people in the group fitness and yoga studios, I found that many were having physical transformations that were awakening deeper truths both emotionally and mentally. It came naturally for me to hold space for people in the coaching environment.  I enjoy growing in this coaching space because it allows me and my clients to experience inspiration, healing, and sometimes shifts in the ways to live.


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What does it mean to Tame Life?

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Our Mission:

To be a source for vital energy and wellbeing. To enjoy creating abundance for ourselves and others. To give and contribute with life-changing inspiration, and healing arts.


Our Purpose:

To live a physically active, emotionally inspired, mentally awaken and purpose-driven life.


Our Values:

Vital Energy and Health

Love and Relationships

Truth and Transparency

Freedom and Experiences

Joyful and Lightheartedness

Growth and Contribution


Our Symbol:

The Tame Life compass logo is a symbol for always remembering your North Star, your connection to nature, and remembering your vision towards a mentally awaken, physically active, inspired life.




Retreats and Experiences

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Tame Life Retreats combine a unique combination of movement, mindfulness, and motivational tools to educate and inspire transformation for building an extraordinary life. Blending a fusion of yoga, three-dimensional movement, AntiGravity Fitness, and interval training to create new synaptic connections while balancing both compression and decompression exercises from a variety of unique movement styles.

Experience life transformation and self-discovery as we guide you through a series of mindfulness practices, pranayama techniques, and guided meditations to reconnect the body and mind while deepening self-awareness and oneness with your spirit.

Unleash the inspiration within and become empowered as we teach you essential tools to create lasting pattern changes, reignite hidden passions, and manifest the lifestyle design of your highest dreams.


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AntiGravity® Fitness Master Trainer and Coaching Bio

Tamer has been teaching AntiGravity Fitness Techniques since 2009. As a Master Instructor Trainer, he has accumulated over 10,000 hours of teaching experience and has certified more than 500 instructors around Asia. Tamer’s primary focus for the past 8 years has been leading workshops, events, and trainings around APAC. Having been based in Hong Kong for the past 6 years, he has been a leader for AntiGravity in and around Japan, Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, the Philippines, and China to sharing AntiGravity Aerial Fitness and Yoga techniques.

Having worked with some of the most respected pioneers in the Fitness, Yoga, and MMA industries, Tamer is excited to share with you his passion for movement and the healing arts. He holds a Bachelors of Science in Public Health from Westminster College, a Master Trainer certificate for AntiGravity®, Transformational Coaching certified by The Center For Transformational Coaching, and is a certified level three in Thai Massage from International Thai Massage School.

Tamer is dedicated to helping people awaken to the power of their inner potential while leading and serving from that place. As the director and of his wellness company Tame Life, he holds wellness events, transformational coaching sessions, training courses, and retreats worldwide.

Connecting both body and mind through his coaching practices, his intention is to hold space for people to awaken to their inner truth, and their purpose for being, while teaching them how to redirect this purpose towards living an inspired life within their communities, families businesses, and organizations. 


Upcoming Events and Teacher Training Courses 


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It is through Tame Life Coaching that I intend to empower you on your path towards the most outrageously awesome and Tame Life possible.

I look forward to being apart of this journey with you!


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