My name is Tamer Begum. I am an AntiGravity® Fitness Master Trainer traveling the world sharing my passions and love for movement and the healing arts. Thank you for taking time to visit my community. Here you can find a list of my upcoming teacher trainings, workshops and retreats. Don’t try, just do. Dream Big. Be Free!


My 5 Star Tame Life Retreat project is to inspire the world to become more Open and Free, encouraging the Discovery and Development of inspired passions, and to align my students with their highest source of human potentiality.  I teach Movement, Mindfulness and Motivational tools to Educate and Inspire Transformation. Click here to learn more!


Tamer has been teaching AntiGravity Techniques since 2009. As a Master Instructor Trainer, he has accumulated over 5000 hours of teaching experience and has certified more than 200 instructors. Tamer’s primary focus for the last 4 years has been leading workshops, events, and trainings in Hong Kong, China, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, Philippines, Egypt and the USA.

Having worked with some of the most respected pioneers in the Fitness, Yoga, and MMA industries, Tamer is excited to share with you his passion for movement and the healing arts. Tamer is also proud to be Christopher Harrison’s nephew and has studied under his direct guidance in New York since 2012.




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