Hong Kong: The Journey Begins

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” ~ Seneca
World Travel
World Travel
 All that is past is just that… And the future will inevitably come. I’m on a new adventure living and working in Happy Valley Hong Kong, for Bodywize Wellness Spa. I’ve kissed my loved ones goodbye, and have set sail halfway across the world to help grow AntiGravity Fitness in Hong Kong and Greater China.
I’ve made this decision based on the fact that I have my whole life ahead of me and that this opportunity is truly amazing. I have a two bedroom apartment in the most convenient places of Hong Kong, working for the number one health spa in Asia, teaching AntiGravity Fitness techniques and doing what I love.
Happy Vally Hong Kong
Happy Valley Hong Kong
It’s 4am. I’ve been in and out of consciousness trying to sleep. Knowing that I have the love and support of my family and friends, plus knowing  her spirit is with me at all times gives me the strength to push through any and all challenges as I continue to strive for making this world a better place. Just keep breathing and stay present!
Tamer Begum | AntiGravity Fitness | Bodywize HK
Tamer Begum | AntiGravity Fitness | Bodywize HK
Week one will be focused on introductory classes, and meeting the club members. I also have some serious remodeling to do at my apartment! What’s exciting is that everything is new! It’s like I’m starting on the top of the mountain as a NYer living in Hong Kong in abundance while experiencing what it’s like to thrive in Asia.
Lisa Mak | Tamer Begum | AntiGravity Fitness Hong Kong
Lisa Mak | Tamer Begum | AntiGravity Fitness Hong Kong
I’m so thankful for all which keeps me connected and spiritually grounded and for being surrounded with happy, healthy, wealthy, wise and loving people. I’m ready to start my international career, and new found life in Hong Kong. Follow my journey here: @tamer_begum

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