tamer begum headshot
tamer begum headshot

AntiGravity® Fitness Master Trainer and Coaching Bio

Tamer has been teaching AntiGravity Techniques since 2009. As a Master Instructor Trainer, he has accumulated over 10,000 hours of teaching experience and has certified more than 500 instructors around Asia. Tamer’s primary focus for the past 8 years has been leading workshops, events, and trainings around APAC. Having been based in Hong Kong for the past 6 years, he has been a leader for AntiGravity in and around Japan, Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, the Philippines, and China to sharing AntiGravity Aerial Fitness and Yoga techniques.

Having worked with some of the most respected pioneers in the Fitness, Yoga, and MMA industries, Tamer is excited to share with you his passion for movement and the healing arts. He holds a Bachelors of Science in Public Health from Westminster College, a Master Trainer certificate for AntiGravity®, Transformational Coaching certified by The Center For Transformational Coaching, and is a certified level three in Thai Massage from International Thai Massage School.

Tamer is also proud and humbled to be Christopher Harrison’s nephew and has studied under his direct guidance in New York since 2012.

Tamer is dedicated to helping people awaken to the power of their inner potential while leading and serving from that place.

As the director and of his wellness company Tame Life, he holds corporate wellness events, transformational coaching sessions, training courses, and retreats worldwide.

Connecting both body and mind through his coaching practices, his intention is to hold space for people to awaken to their inner truth, and their purpose for being, while teaching them how to redirect this purpose towards living an inspired life within their communities, families businesses, and organizations. 



A story from Uncle Chris

While other kids were practicing football, Tamer’s “Uncle Chris” put him into gymnastics, bought him inline skates and made sure he had a backyard trampoline. His parents got him onto the ski slopes and inspired him through an example to practice yoga and meditation.

Tamer loves physical expression of all kinds. He is an avid snowboarder, surfer, rock climber, parkour tumbler, urban Segway surfer and loves to dance. During the summer of 2009, Tamer toured with his uncles’ performance company in “The AntiGravity Tour” through Brazil where he learned the ropes of stage production and participated in the dancing bungee routine, flipping on stage with the champion athletes of Team AntiGravity.

Besides yoga, he’s a passionate musician and graduates from Westminster College with a dual Bachelors’s degree in public health and music performance. While attending Westminster College he established the first AntiGravity Aerial Yoga studio on a college campus where he conducted a clinical trial on the benefits of Inversion Therapy in comparison to traditional methods as well as worked as one of the athletic trainers for the Ski and Snowboard team.

Besides his dedication to his health and wellness, he writes his own original music and also performed with the Westminster Chamber Singers throughout his undergrad.

In the Spring of 2011, he went on a health care and education mission to rural Thailand where he was honored to share his light integrating music, physicality and public health. While helping thousands of beautiful people with basic health needs he also taught hacky sack and sang songs that forged a common bond.

Fascinated by other cultures, Tamer enjoys international travel. Despite his youth, he has traveled to and studied the cultures of many foreign countries.

Tamer has found a passion for teaching yoga because of its inherent connection with quantum physics; how one’s thoughts create their reality. By studying the connection of mind/body/spirit, his intention is to unify people while sharing his knowledge; helping people open their minds to a greater sense of self while giving participants a great physical workout.

Tamer is a budding environmentalist who cares deeply about our planet. In 2011 was flown to Los Angeles in order to network with other ambitious youth and mentors whose intention is to better the world for the sake of saving our planet.

Tamer comes from a long lineage of teachers and enjoys sharing his varied passions with others. Aside from teaching his group fitness and aerial yoga classes, Tamer also has taught snowboarding at Snowbird Ski Resort and a variety of musical instruments.

Right now Tamer is pursuing his career with AntiGravity as the Jr. An executive at AntiGravity Headquarters. He has worked as the Studio Manager for Christopher Harrison’s AntiGravity Lab in NYC, and the Social Media producer for AntiGravity Fitness. He is a certified AntiGravity Fitness Master Trainer based in Hong Kong, leading the business development in Asia.

He has performed in the 2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion show working with Justin Beiber, Rihanna, Bruno Mars, while he and his cousin Taylor Brody showcased Christopher Harrison’s lastest performance prop and opened the show for Adriana Lima. He has also assisted and performed in the AntiGravity Performance Tour that traveled throughout Brazil.

His dreams are to one make the world a better place through humanitarian, global health, art/music and environmental efforts world wide.

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