Aerial Pyramids from Hong Kong to Tokyo

It was a cold morning in Tokyo and had been raining for the past few days, autumn leaves had covered the sidewalks with colors of an orange, red and yellow haze. Sounds of commuter trains rushing through the neighbourhoods as people packed from door to door on an ordinary midweek morning. Crisp autumn air comfortably created a perfect environment as the sun rose over the buildings and warmed my face. Headphones on and in a flow state, packed in during rush hour. Uncomfortably swaying amongst one another, heading straight for Shibuya. People feeling less like people as eyes glued to screens. Chaotic crossings of millions of feet while lost in linguistics. Lost while heading in the direction of my dreams. Fearlessly open to following the way my heart wants to move.

Greeted with warmth and energetically enthusiastic new people. Step up, make your move, and burst out of what is comfortable. Understanding everything, and nothing at the same as time. Time becomes irrelevant, and all it takes is your smile and the world becomes a better place. Madly in love with the moment and confidently humble, knowing that this is the way, the way of the current chapter. Passionately pursuing my purpose as I speak my truth, share inspiration, and preach that which they seek. All the knowledge is already within, instead I’ll give you my heart.

Witnessing “ah ha” breakthroughs of “I Can Do It” and feeling sincere gratification of fulfilment every time. You never know who will walk through your door in life, who you become through that process is what makes you great. Doing unto as you would want do be done unto. Navigating differences, and understanding that we are all one. Redirecting discomfort into deeper layers of discovery. As the forces, obstacles, and internal struggles continue to pull and rip you apart, the constant quietness of dark space lifts you up. Propelling you to to be more, do more, and continue to serve.

This year I had the opportunity to work with instructors from all over the world. From Hong Kong, Bangkok, Shanghai, Manila, Bombay, Bruenos Aries, New York, and Tokyo. The 100+ new instructors I was able to share AntiGravity techniques with this year taught me that smart work and perseverance is the process of creating fulfillment, and the journey of manifesting big dreams happens once the circumstances are all aligned.

Sometimes all it takes is teaching someone how to trust and let go.

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