AGY Westminster College

Over a year ago I became level one certified in teaching Antigravity Yoga, and ever since, I knew I wanted to expand the reach of this new fitness craze to help athletes and students at a higher educational facility reach optimal wellness. After sitting down and discussing the program and the idea with the director she gave me the clear in fall 2010, and said go for it! Without any hesitation at all, I began planning, thinking, and manifesting the dream of making Westminster College the first higher education facility in the world with this revolutionary practice. My intentions were focused on helping as many students and athletes relieve chronic back and neck pain, relieve stress while conducting studies on the benefits of zero compression inversions. With the goal of showing the world the incredible benefits of practicing Antigravity yoga, while constructing the greatest, most fun, fitness class to hit Westminster College. Goals were set, intentions were clear, it was time to rock!

Hoop after hoop, no after no, barrier after barrier, everything one could imagine of trying to sway me from completing this project, and giving up occurred in the pre-production process of implementing this program. From the contractors, to the business proposals, safety department, financial budget, legal department, hardware problems, phone call after phone call,  to the back-breaking efforts; the words NO and QUIT were beating in on my conscience. Everything up until the last piece of hardware presented itself as yet another hoop, another NO, and another barrier to overcome.

However, I set a goal. I made up my mind, and there was NOTHING that could stop me from accomplishing what I  set out to do. I knew it was going to be HUGE, I knew it was going to take this practice to a whole new level, and I knew that if it was going to be, it was up to me.

Well, countless hours, hoop after hoop, and nearly one year later, I did it! Westminster College is now the first higher educational facility in the world to conduct studies on the benefits of  Antigravity yoga, while showing anyone and everyone that they can benefit from practicing this technique while having fun!

As I sit here in the library reflecting back on the past year it’s quite amazing how much I’ve accomplished. And this one, is definitely for the record books. This goal I’ve accomplished is going to make history, and I have everything I need at my finger tips, ready to jump-start my life, in perfect presence, in flow with the universe, now it’s time to enjoy the journey!

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