AntiGravity® Fitness at FLEX Studio HK

AntiGravity® Fitness arrives at FLEX Studio HK offering classes for Adults and Kids/Teens

In over 50 countries around the world, with nearly 400 locations, fitness gyms and yoga studios understand the importance of evolving their systems to incorporate new technology. Realizing that the fitness world is turning to functional movement and group exercise the aerial genre has revolutionized the industry. The client experience is what inspires people to remember the systematic approach to taking care of their health.

As leaders of the aerial yoga and suspension fitness genres, it has been amazing to watch the evolution up into the air. Now with over 5,000 instructors worldwide from all walks of life, I am truly grateful to be an educator in this exciting new field of movement.

Having lived in Hong Kong for over four years and watching how aerial has become a staple program in most, if not all yoga centers, it reminds me of that time I had the “Ah Ha” moment. My lower back pain completely was gone, and my core was shredded after just a few classes.

Instructors and gym owners everywhere are implementing suspension into their teaching and business model because it offers incredible health benefits, is more accessible than other ground-based movements, and the FUN factor drives inspiration which motivates members to return.

FLEX Studio HK –  with two beautiful locations in Central and One Island South –  is our newest training center and partner in Hong Kong to offer AntiGravity® Fitness techniques. Offering a wide variety of new programs with the BEST instructors in town I am thrilled to be apart of this new installment.

Not only do we offer the entire range of AntiGravity® Techniques – Aerial Yoga, Suspension Fitness, AIRbarre, Restorative Yoga, Pilates, and Fundamentals – more excitingly FLEX Studio offers the ONLY comprehensive AntiGravity® Aerial program for Kids and Teens in Hong Kong.

From 5 – 75 years old anyone looking for top quality instructors, pristine facilities, and a supportive community that supports creating specialized mind/body transformations, FLEX Studio is the place to FLY.

Find out more about the classes offered, the instructors, and the upcoming workshop and teacher training schedule, click on the links below.


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