AntiGravity Fitness | FIBO 2013

Tamer Begum Fibo
Sayo Motta & Tamer Begum at FIbo 2013

Leading the AntiGravity Fitness demonstrations at FIBO 2013 in Germany alongside Team AntiGravity as well as the Queenax crew, Xpole Fitness Girls, and TRX Trainers turned out to be a super successful convention and tons of fun!

From the 20 minute demos that everyone loved, to business meetings with internatinal distributers, to hanging hundreds of people upside down, being able to share this amazing technique with the 80,000 people who came to the expo was priceless. Every day was jam packed with demo after demo, conversations with interested  people, and individual sessions all while not being able to fully communicate due to the lunguistic barrier. It was another one of those international opportunities of which I was able to let go of all ego and live my fullest potential in a new place and space.

Check out this cool Youtube video of me teaching one of the AntiGravity demos: 

I learned that it’s all about being completely comfortable in your own skin, despite all the differences and how that leads to a tremendous amount of clarity and confidence no matter who or what circumstances your dealing with.

The greatest part was being able to see Cologne Germany and the ancient cathedral as well as spending a full 24 hours in Amsterdam on my way back to NYC! By far one of the most amazing cities I’ve ever seen!

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