Bali Adventure 2017

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” ~ Mark Twain

Last year as I went through my process of writing in my journal my annual travel goals which include places I want to visit for holiday and destinations I want to visit for service, I remember specifically writing Bali Indonesia as one of the top places on my list. Something intrigued me about this mystic land of perfect waves, colorful cultural traditions,  and tropical rainforest jungles. Little did I know how or when it would happen, but absolute resolute was present in my quest for making it to Bali.

From the Mountains of Hokkaido to the Waves of Bali, my brother Toshi and I as we overlook his upcoming retreat center in Canggu.
Lord Vishnu statue reminds me of the importance of preservation of our planet and our health. Cultural Center Uluwatu Bali and the magnificent statues of Hindu Gods
Uluwatu Temple Bali offering panoramic views of the sunset and the opportunity to experience the famous Kecak fire dance. Surrounded by high rocky cliffs, and the salt water mist of the ocean below
Tanah Lot Temple Bali and the magical experience of watching as the high tide rolls surrounding it by ocean. Timing is everything in our persuit of the most extraordinary life
Tanah Lot Temple Bali at sunset with high tide crashing into the rocks. In 10 minutes the temple will be completely surrounded by water. Must see temple to experience this daily phenomenon
After an exhausting yet thrilling experience getting back on the surf board, and three days of chasing that timeless moment, I finally caught my wave in Canggu Bali
Titra Empul Temple known as the Holy Water Temple and the thousands of people who visit this place for cleansing and blessings was a highlight of Ubud. The water comes from a natural underwater spring and pours consistently at just the right level
Enjoying the Luwak Coffee also called a Cat Poo Chino, which is made entirely by harvesting the poop of the cat like creature known as the Luwak after it consumes the special fruits. Must try for any coffee lover and surprisingly delicious!
Tegalalang Rice Terraces were in early production and as the sun shimmers over top, breath taking views were abundant. Vast fields as far as the eye can see with layers upon layers of rice
Back breaking job of harvesting rice in traditional fashion at the Tegalalang Rice Terraces in Ubud.
Moving through time and space on my mat at our beautiful villa in Ubud. Early morning sunrise meditations followed by a refreshing swim was simply bliss
Love your life and all it’s coming. Practicing my handstands in Ubud in preperation for our upcoming yoga retreats
The Secret Monkey Forest is a must see when in Ubud. Just watch your sun glasses! They are friendly when you have food….
Grateful to visit the Elephant Park and Foundation in Ubud. I haave marveled over these creatures ever since I was a baby. Touched by the Elephants and their incredible energy


After a wonderful experience in Bali and planting seeds to return to both contribute to my brother’s exciting yoga retreat project, and the AntiGravity Fitness Bali at the Four Seasons growth, I am reminded of the fact that in countries that are still developing and rising from past political suppression, a feeling of true happiness and contentment is present amongst the people. Despite some of the challenges of traffic jams and the sometimes overwhelming tourism growth the island has seen in recent years, Bali is an adventurous destination to visit for incredible surfing, outdoor recreation, and beautiful artistic culture.


If adventure isn’t your thing then book a sweet villa in Ubud to reconnect with mesmerizing natural environments, view a sky full of stars on clear nights, eat delicious and spicy local foods, join local rituals, drink coconuts every day, and simply relax. Paradise is what you make it.


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