Bangkok Training 2015

AntiGravity Fitness Thailand with Stronger Wings to Fly higher!

I first came to Thailand for a service learning project during my undergrad. That experience changed so much about my life, and was the first mental seed I planted to return one day and give back to the country and people for the lessons and growth it gave to me. Five years later, there I was in heart of south east Asia giving back to the people who are making Bangkok a healthier, happier place to be.


Tamer Begum Travel
May term Thailand 2011
Tamer Begum Travel
May term Thailand 2011


Located in the new downtown area of Bangkok is the headquarters office and studio of AntiGravity Thailand. Surrounded by a luxurious open mall, many restaurants, and shopping, Kru Opal, the master licensee for AntiGravity Fitness in Thailand works hard at maintaining the quality of the program, expanding new locations, and leading teacher trainings.


Wings Aerial Club Bangkok
Wings Aerial Club Bangkok


AntiGravity Aerial Yoga Instructors - Bangkok
AntiGravity Aerial Yoga Instructors – Bangkok
AntiGravity Suspension Fitness Instructors
AntiGravity Suspension Fitness Instructors


Last year, Kru Opal AKA my Thai big Sister invited me to be the master instructor trainer of the Suspension Fitness and Aerial Yoga courses for her team of instructors. They work between her headquarters studio Wings Aerial Club, and her affiliate locations Virgin Active, and We Fitness Society. I gladly accepted her invitation and was excited about the opportunity.


Opal and Me


AntiGravity Thailand is a passionate group of instructors all very body aware and physically strong. They have great technique and are motivated teachers in multiple fields. My goal was to empower them to continue sharing Christopher Harrison’s AntiGravity Fitness curriculum, to inspire them with good energy, and to make lasting relationships with each of them as they continue growing. I also had two people from India and the Philippines join with intentions of sharing the advanced programs with their students back home. It was a great group!


AntiGravity Aerial Yoga - Bangkok
AntiGravity Aerial Yoga – Bangkok


Teacher training days are long and exhausting. We train hard from 9am – 6pm breaking down the movement, practicing our teaching cues, drilling grips/wraps/traps, emphasising spotting, pushing our bodies and minds to near exhaustions, all while Doing our Best to live the AntiGravity philosophy of becoming more Open and Free.


AntiGravity Suspension Fitness Instructors
AntiGravity Suspension Fitness Instructors


Thailand such a perfect getaway from Hong Kong and mere 3 hour flight. Over the recent trip I realised the reason I love Thailand so much is simply because of the people. The happy, open and loving people are what make Thailand an incredible place to travel to. In the land of smiles, there is a sense of gender equality, and peaceful energy amongst the natives. Not to mention, the Thai food is phenomenal. I had one eventful night in Bangkok seeing my dear Iam, that I met while on my first excursion with the Westminster group. Five years later we still keep in touch.


One night in BKK ;)
One night in BKK with Hilsue and Iam


I find great satisfaction in influencing and inspiring people towards greater health and wellness. Movement, Fitness and Yoga is a way of life amongst our world and being able to change how someone lives based on new knowledge, inspiration and self confidence is what I love most about my work.


WE Fitness Society - Bangkok
WE Fitness Society – Bangkok


Before leaving I had the opportunity to meet some of the WE Fitness personal trainers, and give a small AntiGravity Decompression session to a celebrity fitness blogger. She was filled with fear, and could hardly do half of the postures, but at the end she thanked me for a great first experience.


Celeb fitness blogger - @Reiko_ws
Celeb fitness blogger – @Reiko_ws


Overall my recent teacher training in Bangkok was awesome! I love being able to travel the world, while influencing and inspiring people through Uncle Chris’ AntiGravity techniques.

One thing to never forget: Your body is the greatest tool you will ever have. Move it in every way possible. Upside down, in all directions of open space, and remember to dance! Even if it’s just in your living room. 😉

Fly high AntiGravity Thailand! I’ll see you again someday soon!

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