Becoming Epic

Epic MMA & Fitness Club launches AntiGravity Fitness with Tamer Begum

My journey in Hong Kong over this past year has been an Epic adventure to say the least, with gruelling challenges and triumphant victories. One of the biggest accomplishments since landing on the rock was the manifestation of launching AntiGravity Fitness with Asia’s leading Martial Arts academy: Epic MMA & Fitness Club.

AntiGravity at Epic MMA & Fitness

Upon arriving to Hong Kong, I was pumped with ambition from New York City and was on a quest to grow this technique in Hong Kong and China. I knew we had to associate with the top clubs in the industry in order to become recognized. After researching the market, my first stop was a club located in the heart of Central called Epic MMA. I remember walking around the club as an interested fitness goer and saw a set of monkey bars that I knew I could rig from and asked the charming sales lady for the operations managers contact to pitch the idea. I sent over some youtube links and that following week we met with the owner. I brought the hammock and turned the back office of the centre upside down. They seem to enjoy the experience but unfortunately the timing had to be delayed… I felt discouraged yet determined. Instead of giving up, I posted the business card of the owner on my vision board and believed in time it would happen.

Tamer Begum AntiGravity Fitness Master Instructor Trainer

Nine months passed and significant changes happened with AntiGravity Fitness in Hong Kong. Existing business ties were changing and I knew the opportunity was coming. I called the support team at Headquarters presenting them the idea of reconnecting the conversation with the guys at Epic and within two weeks the deal was done! Agreements were settled making Epic MMA & Fitness the worlds first AntiGravity Fitness location within the confines of an elite martial arts academy. I was overloaded with excitement and was thrilled about the upcoming opportunity!


AntiGravity aerial yoga at Epic mma club and fitness

It’s been three months since we launched the program with Asia’s leading martial arts academy and it couldn’t be a more perfect fit. Our athletes love the benefits of Zero-compression inversions and for the first time ever hundreds of women are turning up every month for an inspiring new way to stay healthy and fit. We have since opened up two areas for AntiGravity training making Epic MMA & Fitness the largest AntiGravity Fitness club in Asia.

Reverse warrior overlooking Central Hong Kong

Becoming Epic requires surrounding yourself with greatness, believing in your dreams, and persisting through the challenges until the consistent thoughts become reality. I couldn’t be more humbly grateful for this opportunity as we expand our wings into new demographics and communities around the globe.


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