The Goal

It's like 3....2....1..... I'm blasting off! If it's going to be it's up to me! No matter what, I'm determined to helping as many people physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually as possible this year. I am going to  inspire, shine light, give back, and make a difference in at least 30 people's lives every week. Through [...]

Changing Leafs, Changes Life

There's nothing more magnificent than this time of year in Utah. The air possesses a crisp morning sensation, the afternoons are sunny and comfortable, and despite the fact that the sun sets earlier, the evening sky is scattered in shining stars.  Above all, it's changing seasons, leaving behind the warm summer fun, welcoming in new colors, [...]

Champtionship Summer Season 2011

Waking up to the sounds of music, the blue skies melting away the snow, and with my birthday just around the corner, I knew I had an upcoming summer season and I knew I had to go big. I remember sitting around over coffee one morning and thinking to my self: How can I spend [...]


BBC article on AGY: I made the shot! Free falling, freedom of flight, being airful, soaring high in gratitude, limitless. xoxo          

Lifes Lessons

Whats up, here we go I'm straight soaring right now with the birds on cloud nine here in New York City. This concrete jungle of buzzing business, beautiful people and vibrant vibes is where I live. The past eleven days have been concentrated on the aspects of production and the lessons that come with. We [...]