Changing Leafs, Changes Life

There’s nothing more magnificent than this time of year in Utah. The air possesses a crisp morning sensation, the afternoons are sunny and comfortable, and despite the fact that the sun sets earlier, the evening sky is scattered in shining stars.  Above all, it’s changing seasons, leaving behind the warm summer fun, welcoming in new colors, people, opportunities, targets, and goals to stay focused on as I continue to thrive in this wonderful life of mine.

As I wake up in the morning, and get into my car for school, the air is refreshing, and looking up to the mountains is almost like looking upon a landscape painting. The mixture of oranges, yellows, reds, and greens as the sun slowly rises in the east makes for quite the morning scenery. I mean it’s no beach, but I can’t help but express gratitude for the beauty I see around me everyday. The awareness I bring forth as I simply breathe in the air, and gaze off into the beautiful mountains overlooking my house, is the morning blessing from the universe, subconsciously telling me that the leafs are changing, and so are you!

It’s time to think and work harder, better, faster, stronger, and smarter. Now is my time to prove to myself that I can do it. The determination and desire to accomplish my dreams is radiating from my third eye, and I’ve never been so focused in my life.  My targets are set for the fall season, and I’m heading straight for the bullseye.My intentions are clear: help as many people on this earth as possible, eventually making it a better place for all.  I get to succeed and It’s already there. I’ve conceived it, believed it, and I’m achieving it. It’s in my hands, in my life, and in my world every single day. I make a difference.

With humility, discipline, and desire I’m unstoppable. I’m like a freight train that is leaving this station at a quarter to nine. Each chug, and rotation of the wheels going towards the VISION of my personal success story. Momentum is gaining, and as Newtons Law states: objects in motion, like to stay in motion, until they reach the top. No where else to go from here but up. My mind, body and spirit are balanced and in unity with one another, my engine is prepped, and I’m ready to fly!

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  1. Tamer! It sounds absolutely gorgeous out there!! It’s rainy and muggy here in P.A 🙁 Sounds like you are doing great as usual. We must skype sometime soon 🙂 Enjoy you day!

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