Koh Samui Sunrise

More often than not, we get caught up in the tasks and to do’s of life that we forget to nourish our soul. Our lives are constructed around earning and saving money for the big future event known as retirement. Living in a fear based society, becoming slaves to the screen, and forgetting our true essence creates blockage and repetitive unwanted habits. It’s not until we eventually wake up from this mundane reality that our lives can begin to take shape.

I was heavily reminded about the importance of connection, and spiritual balance on my recent trip to Koh Samui. This feeling was  so prominent in my life that I feel people everywhere could benefit from the reminder that life is not about the money you make, rather the memories you create. In order to create a rich life one must be open to abundance.

Hong Kong had been a dark, rainy, and extremely work intensive month. It was time to escape the  intense city energy for some soft sand and ocean vibes. The Koh Samui adventure was that of a life time. Reconnecting spiritually while bobbing weightlessly in the warm water with the best company in the world was paradise.

On Easter morning, the sunrise was magnificent. It was in that moment that I remembered the importance of connection and spiritual awareness. As the sun slowly crept through the clouds and shimmered on the morning water, I had an amazing reawakening experience.

Perched high above overlooking the natural wonder, the realization of the NOW moment became vivid. Connection is what we all strive for and spirituality is the way. I remembered how influential Jesus was, and felt so compassionately connected to our light source. In that momentous moment while in meditation, My attention was focused on choosing to live through a lens of abundance. Right then I felt the sun’s abundant light rays bless me with the blissful feeling of pure potentiality.

In order to gain we must give. Life is not measured by the number of moneys we make, but rather the memories we create. Here’s to a rich life of experiences and beautiful memories.  Reawaken the abundance within.

[ Thoughts -> Words -> Actions -> Habits -> Character -> Destiny ]


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