Lifes Lessons

Whats up, here we go I’m straight soaring right now with the birds on cloud nine here in New York City. This concrete jungle of buzzing business, beautiful people and vibrant vibes is where I live. The past eleven days have been concentrated on the aspects of production and the lessons that come with.

We just threw the party of the year for my uncles 50th birthday. Really though this party had: international DJ Steve Pagan, international burlesque dancer Ms. Tickle, performances by aerials, contortionists, gymnasts, hammocks spinning around above, a anti-gravity spanking machine, oh a did I mention that they aliens stopped by?

On top of that I had the opportunity to work hand in hand with Crayton Robby, Jay Howarth, Bobby Levin, and Piki the cello player, as we read a monologues of my uncles journal, beat boxed “Billie Jean” and sang “Empire state of mind”, with an empire state of mind. It was fierce, the champagne was fresh, and fried chicken and fruit tasted like heaven, and everyone was there in gratitude.  What’s even more amazing was the fact that the overall frustration, and lessons that life threw didn’t throw me personal off one bit. Some of them including: setting up too late, load out at midnight, oh ya and don’t lock up the Segway outside the office all day…

The most amazing aspect of it all was when I flipped that switch, that switch inside your head that governs how you react to events outside of your control, events that rob people from the present moment, and create mental stress, and I completely blocked every one of those thoughts out my mentality and focused on producing. By doing so,  a lot of those life long memories, life long lessons learned, and life long love was given and received. So so so gorgeous 🙂

What you reap is what you sow, so keep sowing those good loving, positive giving tree seeds baby. I say that because at the end of the day, another incredible tool to add your tool kit of knowledge is to really, just end the mental, physical, and emotional struggles of your life and simply make the world a better place. Think local and act global always.

As I welcome in and embrace the flow of this beautiful 7/11/11 summer day in the city, my third eye is radiant, I’m doing what I love, where I love, and with the people I love most. My name is Tamer and I’m happy, helping others, and manifesting the most beautiful, harmonious, and wonderful life for myself. What can I say, this soul and physical journey I’m on right now is like a sunset over the ocean, a mouth-watering bite, a perfect kiss, a sweet smell, and it’s just begun. Never letting the candle go completely out, its back before you know it.

THOSE are the moments to install into the cerebellum, and hippocampus of your brain, so that every time you take a deep breath, you can reflect back and remember exactly where that app is in your mind, and with one touch, you open and discover bliss all over again.

Thank you God, and Universe I am forever grateful.

Find what you’re good at and explode like the firework that you are.

With love


Tamer Anthony Begum

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