Only in my Prayers

Every soul and every living thing on this plan is energy in the universe. It’s all energy and we’re all one. The fact of the matter is that we are all apart of this greater energetic system on this planet. Being that I’m apart of this greater energetic system, I feel responsible for cultivating ultimate compassion and empathy towards all creatures, no matter how big or small.

This past month has been by far the busiest whirlwind of excitement and workload I’ve ever experienced. Balancing life between school, teaching, work and play has really pushed my ability of being able to manage it all. It became so much, so fast, that I lost track of an important aspect of my life, that lead to the death of my beloved gecko.

His name was Igz. He was a leopard gecko that we had in our family for over 10 years. He was there through thick and thin, and always brought the simplest amount of joy every time we’d hold him. He was the perfect pet, and became apart of the family. He was loved.

Through this experience and life lesson of losing a loved one, it’s opened my eyes to grief I am now beginning to feel. I’m beginning to ask myself these questions, in hopes that through meditation I can turn this experience into a life changing moment that I will forever grow from.

Where am I really paying attention in my life? What is it that got me so caught up in the daily routine that I neglected my beloved pet gecko to the point of starvation? What is the lesson in entire process?

Imagine for a moment, what life would be like from the perspective of a small, caged animal. Being completely dependent on your owner for food, water, and resources vital for survival. Having no control over your basic needs. Having the roof to your house be lifted off, and a giant hand reach in to grab you at any moment.

It’s amazing how a creature so small, can have such a large impact on ones life…

I have a lot of grief and meditation to do on this. However, I know for sure, that this has taught me to be an example of profound compassion for ALL living creatures and things living on this planet. The thought alone of causing this living creature suffering is enough for me to reflect upon and change my current circumstances in life to the point of monumental spiritual growth.

I’ll never forget the last time I held him…

He will forever live on, in my prayers.

Rest in peace little Igz.

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