Snowboarding Japan


Tamer Begum Snowboarding Japan
Fresh snow on the first day!


I grew up in a small yet beautiful city in Utah near the mountains. It was part of our yearly activities to spend time skiing together as a family. Little did I know those memories would grow into something that to this day still inspires and brings excitement to my life.

The early years were spent becoming aware on the slopes first skiing, then eventually snowboarding. Being an athlete of other extremes, snowboarding eventually grew into my new found winter sport.

Tamer Begum Snowboarding Japan
Karuizawa, Japan Ski Resort

Every winter my buddies and I would attend movie premiers, swap sales, and make sure we got the early bird seasons passes. I eventually began coaching young kids how to ride over the winter months, so that I could escape the city fog and be close to nature and on my board.

It was one film in particular by Red bull called “The Art of Flight” that had some footage of the riders in Japan, and from then on the dream of snowboarding Japan was conceived.

Tamer Begum Snowboarding Japan
80% of the people at the resort were snowboarders.

This year that dream came true! Over Chinese New Year my Hong Kong family and I took advantage of the festivities and spent the holiday in Japan. Pre trip I was looking at the weather forecast and it seemed pretty dry, so I did what we avid riders do and prayed for good snow.

Tamer Begum Snowboarding Japan
Snowboarding Japan!


Luckily on my first day, the snow Gods dumped 6 inches of fresh powder! I was hyped! Believe it or not, the snow in Japan is the second best snow on earth; only second to Utah. Day two was blue bird skies, and conditions were perfect. Slashing through the untouched tracks felt like heaven, which brought me back to the early days with my family in Utah, and made the dream that much more memorable.


Tamer Begum Snowboarding Japan
Smashed the terrain park all day 🙂


Unlike the resorts in Utah, after riding all day in Japan we end with a hot bowl of Japanese Ramen, and spend the rest of the evening soaking in natural hot springs. I’ll never forget my first experience riding Japan, and now that I’m in Asia I can’t wait until next year in hopes to go back, for more Japanese snowboarding adventures.


I have officially Tamed a few of the slopes in Japan. I remind all my family, friends and followers to dream bigger, take bold risks, and follow what makes your heart happy. Here’s to a great rest of the season, where ever you may be!


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