Tamer Begum NYC | Year One

Tamer Begum Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

It was one year ago. I had just graduated and finished my bachelors degree from Westminster College in Sale Lake City. The dry heat of the Utah desert was beginning to escalate and so was my patience for living there. As a birthday present to myself I purchased a one way ticket to New York City to [...]

AntiGravity Fitness | FIBO 2013

Tamer Begum at Fibo

Leading the AntiGravity Fitness demonstrations at FIBO 2013 in Germany alongside Team AntiGravity as well as the Queenax crew, Xpole Fitness Girls, and TRX Trainers turned out to be a super successful convention and tons of fun! From the 20 minute demos that everyone loved, to business meetings with internatinal distributers, to hanging hundreds of [...]