Suspension Fitness & Restorative Yoga workshops in NYC & SLC

As a 10 year old boy I spent one summer training gymnastics at the Wendy Hilliard Gymnastics foundation in Harlem, New York City. Wendy Hilliard and what she does for the inner city children is remarkable, and the impact it had on my life as a child was profound. I am grateful to give back … Continue reading Suspension Fitness & Restorative Yoga workshops in NYC & SLC


NY to HK | Month One

Hong Kong: known as the great city of the east, a melting pot in the heart of Asia, vibrantly packed with color from all walks of life, one of the greatest cities on earth, and by far one of the best cities I’ve ever lived in. I am humbled to call it my new home. … Continue reading NY to HK | Month One

Tamer Begum Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Tamer Begum NYC | Year One

It was one year ago. I had just graduated and finished my bachelors degree from Westminster College in Sale Lake City. The dry heat of the Utah desert was beginning to escalate and so was my patience for living there. As a birthday present to myself I purchased a one way ticket to New York City to … Continue reading Tamer Begum NYC | Year One

Tamer Begum AntiGravity Master Instructor

NYC SuperFly AG Fitness Team

Hang with the pros of this technique in NYC! Grateful for being apart of such an incredible group of talented instructors.