Snowboarding Backcountry Hokkaido

"The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams." ~ O.W. Since I began my life in Asia, Hokkaido Japan has been on my list of must visit locations for its superb powder snow, incredible seafood, and overall amazing outdoor experience. All of my friends from Japan said "Go to … Continue reading Snowboarding Backcountry Hokkaido

Snowboarding Hakuba Japan Have a look at the incredible week I had snowboarding Hakuba Japan!  

Snowboarding Japan

    I grew up in a small yet beautiful city in Utah near the mountains. It was part of our yearly activities to spend time skiing together as a family. Little did I know those memories would grow into something that to this day still inspires and brings excitement to my life. The early years were spent becoming … Continue reading Snowboarding Japan