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Tamer Begum Yoga
Tamer Begum | AntiGravity Aerial Yoga

It was one year ago. I had just graduated and finished my bachelors degree from Westminster College in Sale Lake City. The dry heat of the Utah desert was beginning to escalate and so was my patience for living there. As a birthday present to myself I purchased a one way ticket to New York City to spend time with my family and intern with AntiGravity. Little did I know how impactful and life changing that decision would eventually become.

I packed all that I needed to survive in the city for 2 weeks plus my acoustic guitar and left everything else behind. My music studio that was my creative sanctuary through the challenging times, the 1985 325e Black BMW that helped get me through college, all the trinkets from my global travels, 80% of all my clothing, books, computers, my Mom and sisters, dear friends, plus all the amazing memories from my young adult life.

I’ll never forget kissing my Mom goodbye, knowing right then that it would be the last time seeing her for awhile… With 2 weeks worth of clothing and my acoustic guitar I boarded the 11:55pm JetBlue redeye flight from SLC en route to NYC with big dreams and ambition of doing what my Uncle once did years before. Little did I know what the universe had in store…

Upon arrival at 5:45am I remember having a brief moment of feeling like this was exactly where I needed to be. I was called here for some greater reason that I wouldn’t quite be able to fully grasp until much later. After getting my bags and making way for the train, I remember feeling anxious, and excited as to what was to come.

Arriving to the 42nd street Times Square subway stop and walking out the doors into the think NYC summer heat wave I was ready for whatever the city had in store. Landing on the futon bed at my Uncles apartment and ready to tackle the summer, little did I know what I was stepping into.

It’s hard to do the entire year in review as SO much happened. Bellow are a few key moments I wanted to share.

We did it together:

Tamer Begum and Mike Madsen
Magic Mike moves to NYC with me

We took great photos:

Tamer Begum and Christopher Harrison
Making Art in the Air

We build Christopher Harrison’s Lab:

We found places for meditation and zen:

Tamer Begum Meditation
Finding Zen in the Concrete Jungle

We rocked SMASH season 2 episode 9:

Tamer Begum on SMASH
Production assistant on SMASH
We launched studios across the country, and around the world:
Tamer Begum AntiGravity Kids
Tamer Begum AntiGravity Kids at Coolhotyoga Calabasas

We created the ideal lifestyle:

Tamer Begum snowboarding
Snowboarding in Utah

We flipped FIBO upside down:

Tamer Begum with AntiGravity at FIBO
Tamer Begum with AntiGravity at FIBO

We performed in the  2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show:

Tamer Begum Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
Tamer Begum, Christopher Harrison, Taylor Brody on the Victoria’s Secret Runway.
Tamer Begum Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
Tamer Begum and Taylor Brody on the Pink carpet.


Tamer Begum with Justin Bieber at 2012 Victoria Secret Fashion Show

We launched the AntiGravity Digital Academy:

AntiGravity Digital Academy
AntiGravity Digital Academy

We found paradise on the 24th floor:

Tamer Begum Music
Jammin on the roof

It’s crazy to think that I’ve been here for one year. The relationships that have begun to take shape, the endless possibilities for growth, the intense energy that fuels the ambition and drive, plus all the life lessons and challenges along the way have molded me into a much greater person on the path towards self-actualization, enlightenment, and happiness.

HUGE thank you to my Uncle Chris for being the mentor, boss, and role model and for sharpening me for excellence while always having compassion and love while I continue to learn. HUGE thank you Crayton Robbey for inspiring artistry, storytelling, and greatness within me, to Alex Schlempp for being the hard ass mother fucker we all love and couldn’t do without, to Duffy aka Ma for running the Millennium Falcon and helping us jet set to hyper speed, to Jessica Polsky aka Sistaa for being real and yet loving, KD aka Mamma D for being fierce and amazing, Shelly Bomb for being that light of compassion and guidance, TO all the incredibly talented AntiGravity instructor trainers that help the Lab fly, to my buddy Mike Madsen for pushing me out of my comfort zone and playing big bro, to ALL the students from the Lab for sticking with us through the changes and who continue to show up day in and day out for their AntiGravitations, and the everyday people that remind me that I’m in the right place.

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