Tamer is a great and fun instructor. Whenever, wherever and whichever you are taking his training , he will bring you to ultimate, special and surprised experience. His instruction is clear, details, safe , most important fun. Definitely there is laugh in the studio. I am grateful to be able to learn and practise with him. His energy is just amazing . “Fly high with great fun” that for sure you will be experience if you trained with him.  – Irene Lo

Irene Lo

Tamer is great! Tools he provided is very useful no matter for self-practice and teaching. The technique is solid and he demonstrated it professionally with full of details. No doubt to say he is the best AGY teachers’ teacher in Asia! – Kitty Kwok

Kitty Kwok

AntiGravity Teacher Training is way more than a certification. Tamer is an enthusiastic and passionate teacher that you will have so much fun to learn from with great attention to details and understanding of the body. The teaching material is fully of clear instructions and safety procedures. There is a peaceful sense of love and support amongst our teachers group after the training for you to continue growing as a teacher. I’m forever grateful to all that I learnt and the opportunities that I have after this training. – Rhiann Suen

Rhiann Suen

Tamer is one of the best aerial trainers. He has impeccable skills and knowledge in aerial arts, always offering something new and sharing nuisances with students in every training.  What makes him different is his ability to motivate and share unlimited amount of energy he carries with him all the time. His passion to life and teaching is simply inspiring and what makes him a truly good trainer. – Jane Pau

Jane Pau

I trained in AG Fitness and Yoga Training courses with Tamer Begum. He is a master instructor in every sense of the word. He infuses love and enthusiasm into a brilliant antigravity fitness curriculum. His teachings are extremely impactful, it invigorates and empowers individuals on a professional level. But more profoundly on a personal level. I highly recommend you sign up for a training course with Tamer it will change your life and positively transform the lives of those you teach. – Natasha Clausen 

Natasha Clausen