There is so much fun in Tamer’s class. He will provide you every progression or regression to achieve the pose or the benefit to your body. You will feel more energized or feel more relaxed after his class depends on your wishes.  In the AntiGravity Teacher Training, Tamer is sharing his passion and his experience during every movement. The most important philosophy he taught is safe. You need to keep your student in a safe way on the hammock, so that they could feel the fun in the AntiGravity. – Pauline Ngai

Pauline Ngai

It was an inspiring and fulfilling experience learning from Tamer in the AntiGravity Teacher Training. With immense patience and meticulous planning of the course, Tamer gave us comprehensive instructions on the moves and techniques and insightful advice on many other minute aspects. His lively and intriguing approach in conducting the course also benefitted us a lot on our way of teaching  —  Cindy Ma

Cindy Ma

I attended AntiGravity Fitness (Fundamentals 1 & 2) in 2018. As a yoga teacher, it’s crucial for me to teach my students in a safe way. In this training, Tamer taught us how to teach safe through step by step techniques. For students with different levels, we will learn how to spot them with proper progressions and regression for the sequences. I can gain 100% confidence to share and teach AntiGravity Fitness to the general public after taking the course. Let’s fly high!  —  Cherrie Leung

Cherrie Leung

The AntiGravity Teacher Training with Tamer Begum provided me the necessary tools and knowledge to lead an AntiGravity class with confidence. The AntiGravity method of aerial yoga is clear and accessible both to teachers leading and students taking a class.  —  Nora Lim

Nora Lim

Tamer is great, he is full of life and vibrance and is guaranteed to bring good energy to every space he visits. I took Tamer’s AntiGravity training and it was super fun and informative, He will make you feel comfortable and confident regardless of your skill level. I would highly recommend.  —  Emily Gill

Emily Gill