Use it or Lose it

Our AntiGravity® Suspension Fitness 1&2 Teacher Training finished today at our newest location EPIC CORE PLUS Stanley. What a great group of people who all showed up to train and learn! Keep pursuing excellence, and always remember if you don’t USE it you will LOSE it. Great work! Keep it up!

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First utilised by team AntiGravity® for performances and what was before only accessible to top performing acrobats and aerialists, Suspension Fitness pushes the boundaries of what we think is humanly possible in the confines of a group fitness class.


tamer begum antigravity suspension fitness epic stanley 2Suspension Fitness teacher trainings, and group classes are so much fun and at the same time, physically exhausting. We train agility, cardio conditioning, endurance, strength, mobility and flexibility in every session.  Use it or Lose it is one of Christopher Harrison’s AntiGravity® philosophies. We live by this and believe in health is wealth.


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It’s fascinating to me to watch as athletes, yoga moms, and everyday fitness goers open their mind to a new way of training. Some at first are sceptical, then after a few sessions people are hooked because of the real results they see, the amazing feeling of living without back pain, and the inspiring fun that is incorporated in every Suspension Fitness class and training.


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If we do not mobilize, rehydrate, or stretch though decompression exercises, we are really only ageing our bodies. AntiGravity® Suspension Fitness is an incredible training technique for anyone who is sincerely in pursuit of greater health and wellbeing.  Classes are taught to upbeat music, and  by certified AntiGravity® instructors balancing both Decompression and Compression based exercises.


Suspend your disbelief and improve every physical aspect of your fitness / yoga regime with our Suspension Fitness techniques.


Interested in our Suspension Fitness program? Check out our EPIC group class schedule for more info here:


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