World Wide Warrior

World Wide Warrior

What an amazing journey the past six months has played out to be. It’s been full monumental moments, accomplishing big goals, and not being afraid to take risks.
I’ve always known there is so much beauty in this world to open up, learn and discover, but it wasn’t until bold moves were made which required taking a leap of faith, confidently in the direction where I knew there was something to much bigger to experience. Curiosity is what’s keeps the continued flow of life! I was curious to discover what life would be like away from all my comforts, all the possessions, all the emotional ties that helped me along the path of least resistance. And I’m here to say, it’s a whole new world. New people, new sounds, smells and sights, new diverse perspectives from around the globe.
Despite the fact that I sometimes find myself reliving a past experience that were monumental in my growth, I know that everything happens for a reason, and that we never truly know what’s good news vs bad news. This path I’m on is one of humility, integrity and grace at every juncture. It’s the backbone of every action as I pursuit excellence. I’m the world wide warrior, helping make this globe a better place with the village of supporters as the wind beneath my wings.

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  1. Hi Tamer, that was so well put in the eyes of living out of your comfort zone and truly finding your heights. Everyday I am embraced with a beautiful light you have left in me to remember that we are always together in heart and spirit.

    ~The World Wide Worrior

    Trianna Serene Begum

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