Champtionship Summer Season 2011

Waking up to the sounds of music, the blue skies melting away the snow, and with my birthday just around the corner, I knew I had an upcoming summer season and I knew I had to go big. I remember sitting around over coffee one morning and thinking to my self: How can I spend as much time as possible away from home this summer? After contemplating what that would entail, I made the decision and devised a PLAN OF ACTION. I told myself, wrote it down, and saw myself in Thailand, the Mediterranean, New York City, and California. When people would ask me what my summer plans were I told just that. Without knowing exactly how it would all work out, I just kept to my action plan, I was going to TRAVEL for the summer season.

May 1st 2011, left SLC for Thailand. Spent the entire month there giving back, doing SERVICE, and experiencing the culture. Thailand changed my life. My goals are now focused on the learning, and relationships I built while traveling through the magnificent country of Thailand. It’s more than just a yearning passion for the country, it’s deeper than the tropical island love that was made, and it’s much bigger than I ever imagined…

June 11th 2011, left SLC for Italy. Within less than two weeks of getting back from Thailand, we set sail, this time with the family, for the city of Roma.  Shortly after arriving in Roma, meeting the new family and getting accustomed to the new chapter of our lives, I noticed some serious dysfunction. My siblings and father weren’t on the same page, not enough loving energy was flowing, and I knew it was up to me to be the change. Being the leader I am, I did just that, for I would do anything for my families happiness. The Mediterranean sea helped me heal my FAMILY. We were able to rekindle the relationships, and let the negativity from the past blow away in the wind. With the family all making head way in a positive direction, with positive energy beneath our wings, for the first time in over THREE years, I felt a sense of satisfaction, knowing I made a difference in all of our lives.

July 1st 2011, Left Amsterdam for NYC. Putting my sisters on a 747 heading for SLC, I went directly from the Mediterranean moments to the BIG APPLE. BOOM, back to reality, this time in the hustle bustle of the concrete jungle. Blowing up like the firework I am, over the skyline and and Hudson river, and realizing at that moment, that my connection to the universe, is flowing with abundance. NYC changed my life, I was dialed in to the up most degree, mentored with exactly the right people who I want in my life, debuted my #Antigravity Yoga class, and left with exactly what I imagined.

August 6th 2011, left SLC for LAX. Realizing this time that I hadn’t spent more than two weeks at home in the past four months, I cried a tear a joy and expressed gratitude, gratitude, gratitude. I did it. I made a difference in Thailand through SERVICE, healed my FAMILY on the Mediterranean, build my PROFESSIONAL network / career in NYC, and now presently living, reflecting back to my targets, while enjoying a relaxing summer day. The initial week in LA was spent at UCLA at a seminar called LEAP, where I took my vision and sharpened it, putting my goals into action, and creating the life I want to live. While in LA I saw my west coast family, debriefed and vented my knowledge and dreams with my goddess mother and aunt and uncles, and then made way for Palm Springs where I currently sit.

Metaphorically speaking, I hit the bulls-eye, nailed the jackpot, crushed a home run, and won the super bowl this summer. Achieving everything I set out for, pushing through the blows and lows, and coming out on top, flying the like golden eagle I am, into my future, without forgetting my shades. 🙂

As the summer comes to its final days, I sit back, relax, and prepare for the upcoming Fall season. This is going to be one of my many golden years. One more step towards the end goal, progress, desire, self-motivation, with my heart like a lion, and my passion for life, I’m a shooting star, shooting through the desert night.

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