Aerial Pyramids from Hong Kong to Tokyo

Sometimes all it takes, is teaching someone how to trust and let go.

Flying High in Bangkok

"What would you attempt to do, if you knew you could not fail." ~ Unknown     Exuberant passion is hidden in walking your path, living your purpose, and sharing your gifts with the world. Best of all is the benefit that comes from being surrounded with new language, new experiences, and exposure to new environments.   Working … Continue reading Flying High in Bangkok

Thai Massage School

"We pray for the one we touch, that they will be happy and illness will be released from them." - Mantra to Dr. Shivago  My first experience with Thai massage was during my undergrad. I was traveling with a group of students for a service project around Thailand and it was our first stop after the … Continue reading Thai Massage School

Koh Samui Sunrise

More often than not, we get caught up in the tasks and to do's of life that we forget to nourish our soul. Our lives are constructed around earning and saving money for the big future event known as retirement. Living in a fear based society, becoming slaves to the screen, and forgetting our true … Continue reading Koh Samui Sunrise

Tamer Begum AntiGravity Fitness Master Instructor Trainer

Chiang Mai Dreaming, Suspended Beleving

  There is something amazingly satisfying when it comes to accomplishing a goal you’ve dreamt for years. The challenges and struggles on all levels that test every ounce of your being, before you can finally reach the destination of your heart’s desire act as learning lessons along the journey towards your highest potential. With clear … Continue reading Chiang Mai Dreaming, Suspended Beleving