Tamer Begum AntiGravity Master Instructor Trainer – Flex Studio HK

Same Same Just VERY Different

What is Aerial Yoga in comparison to AntiGravity® In this territory of Hong Kong, that has now become a melting pot for the rapid expansion of Fitness and Yoga techniques for the majority of Asia, I have been incredibly fortunate to contribute to the growing genre known as Aerial Yoga.   As a Master Trainer … Continue reading Same Same Just VERY Different

EPIC Yoga AntiGravity® Teacher Trainings October 2016

We are back for the third consecutive year at EPIC holding space for AntiGravity® Fitness teacher trainings. We start of our series this year with Fundamentals 1&2. In this course trainees learn the safety fundamentals of using the Harrison Hammock, the principles, philosophies, and three FUN and HEALTH oriented class designs to teach to the public. … Continue reading EPIC Yoga AntiGravity® Teacher Trainings October 2016

AntiGravity aerial yoga at Epic mma club and fitness

Becoming Epic

My journey in Hong Kong over this past year has been an Epic adventure to say the least, with gruelling challenges and triumphant victories. One of the biggest accomplishments since landing on the rock was the manifestation of launching AntiGravity Fitness with Asia's leading Martial Arts academy: Epic MMA & Fitness Club. Upon arriving to … Continue reading Becoming Epic

AntiGravity Fitness Master Instructor

6 Months in Hong Kong

Six months ago I was packing my bags from the bitter cold winter of New York City with big dreams of creating a new life in Asia. It's been six months since I've relocated my life to Hong Kong. Unsurprisingly enough it feels like yesterday I was kissing my family and friends behind, to becoming something greater in … Continue reading 6 Months in Hong Kong

Tamer Begum Yoga

World Wide Warrior

What an amazing journey the past six months has played out to be. It's been full monumental moments, accomplishing big goals, and not being afraid to take risks. I've always known there is so much beauty in this world to open up, learn and discover, but it wasn't until bold moves were made which required … Continue reading World Wide Warrior